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   1-Loans.com offers you a quick and easy way to secure approval for your personal loan today.

We have lenders specializing in personal loans for any worthwhile purpose. Even if you have bad credit the 1-Loans.com lenders can still help.

We have lenders who issue personal loans for any worthwhile purpose:

- Refurnish the house

- Pay off some bills

- Take that long awaited holiday

- Buy a new car

- Buy a new computer

- Make some home improvements

- Consolidate some existing loans

100 % Guaranteed

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Here is a very helpful tool for calculating your loan details. Give any 4 of the 5 fields. The 1-Loans.com Calculator will compute the remaining one e.g. if you would like to calculate the payment amount enter the details of the other fields and hit Compute next to: What is the amount of the payment.

                                 How much is the amount the of the loan? (in $.c)

                      What is the interest rate charged? (in %)

                How many payments are to be made?

         How many payments per annum?

                          What is the amount of the payment? (in $.c)

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